Crime Show Tips

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crime-picWhen I get bored with Judge Judy, I watch an insane amount of crime shows: Cold Case Files, Snapped (a new fave), Law & Order: SVU and CI and 48 Hours to name a few.  It’s how I like to think I put my degree in Criminal Justice to use…  So, if you were to ever commit a heinous crime such as murder, I give you a couple tips on what not to do, courtesy of the aforementioned shows.  Some are obvious, some are not.  But all of them will aid in your conviction:

1) Do not take out a life insurance policy on the person you kill, especially less than a month before you kill them.  This will raise red flags.

2) There are such things as cell phone towers, and whenever you make a call, your signal will bounce off the closest tower.  Do not make a call to your lover telling them you just finished the crime and are on your way home.  That call will place you in the vicinity of the crime despite your claims of being 50 miles away. 

3) If you are a scientist and/or work in a lab, do not order a suspicious amount of the chemical you use to kill your victim a week before the crime.

4) When the cops question you don’t say “well I didn’t know I’d need an alibi.”  That doesn’t come across as a smooth, innocent statement.

5) Luminol.  Look it up. 

Things I Live For:Listening to “Sweet Home Chicago” on my iPod as my plane makes its final descent into O’Hare; CLTV

Quote of the Day: “So where are the strong , and who are the trusted?” –Elvis Costello

(*Apologies for the lack of post yesterday– I was having technical difficulties)

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