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I loathe these bags.  I have 2 of them, byproducts of giveaways at Bears and Cubs games.  The reasons I hate these are many:  It is a rare occasion when reusable-bagsI actually remember to bring these with me to the grocery store.  Somehow I always manage to remember my coupons, but these bags?  They remain hanging sadly on the doorknob in my kitchen.

When I do remember to bring them along, they seem to fall victim to some unspoken grocery-baggers rule: “If someone brings a reusable bag, stuff it so full it can barely be lifted and feels like it may possibly break at any moment.”  Whyyyyyyy?  Why does a reusable grocery bag seem to cause all common sense to be blown to the wind?  I live on the third floor and I need to carry these bags a long way.  You better believe that when I get plastic bags, I tell them to double them.  And they don’t pack those to the gills.  WTF?

Just yesterday, I saw an interesting item on the news that is the final nail in the coffin for these bags:  they are breeding grounds for all sorts of crazy bacteria.  (http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/chi-talk-bad-bagsmay27,0,5879847.story)  Granted this story was put out by the Canadian Plastic Council, but it’s propoganda I can get on board with if it will excuse me from being “green.” 

valeThere is one person who seems to enjoy my reusable bags, and that is Klinker.  For some reason she is infinitely fascinated by them and loves to play in/with them.  So I guess if their purpose morphs into cat toys, that’s still pretty “green”… and it’ll keep Al Gore outta my grill.

Things I Live For: Day drinking; bonfires; scarves

Quote of the Day: “Facts all come with points of view” –Talking Heads

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