Things I Wonder…

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Do people really sing in the shower?  What’s the deal with that being like “the thing”?  I sing in the car, along with the stereo.  The shower where just the water beats down and there’s no background music?  Negativo.

How are the events of 9/11 taught in history classes?  I suppose I will never know this unless I have kids or meet a high school history teacher.  I am very interested though.

chiskyWould I love Chicago if I’d never been here and came as a visitor?  (Coincidentally, this would be one of my 3 wishes if I ever meet a genie– visit Chi as if I’d never been before).

Why do people hate the Cubs so much?  You should pity our team and our fans; some sympathy and compassion would be nice!  Everyone in the world was pulling for Boston when they finally won the World Series; why are we different? 

Why is it news when someone goes into court for arraignment and pleads “not guilty?”  America = innocent until proven guilty.  Only a fool would ever initially plead guilty.

Why do women never call into sports talk radio?  I listen to more than my fair share of sports talk radio (670 The Score and ESPN 1000) and in all my years I have only ever heard one woman call in.  I know that I’m not the only chick listening!  So I guess a short term goal I will have is to call into The Score myself.  It’s gotta be a good comment though, I can’t come off sounding like some dumb girl– I gotta make us lady sports fans proud!  Stay tuned!!

Things I Live For:Driving back into the city on south Lake Shore Drive and seeing the skyline in the distance ahead of me; Delicious Johnsonville brats!

Quote of the Day:“Bad road trip.” –Lou Piniella

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  1. Kim on 2009.05.26

    I love that one of your wishes would be to see your city as a newcomer. That’s such a creative wish. I wonder what you would think of it. I love Chicago and always look forward to going back. And that drive you speak of is amazing.

    I also sing in the car primarily. The shower is a rarity as I’m not chipper in the morning.

  2. Leggies on 2009.05.27

    Seeing that skyline after being out of town….and yes even if it’s only Peoria for a day……ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. I can’t help but to grin just a little bit and think: I can’t believe I actually live here!

  3. Leggies on 2009.05.27

    I have a few friends who are history teachers. I should ask them!!

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