Do You Remember…

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Some food and drink items that I sorely miss:

koala3Koala Yummies:  I remember being obsessed with these when they came out, but then actually eating them and disliking them.  This was most likely how I learned, at a young age, that disappointment was a part of life.  But something called “Yummies” coupled with the cuteness of a Koala is a win-win situation even if it didn’t taste so. 

hubbaHubba Bubba Pop: (Yes I said Pop, this is the midwest).  This was the most delicious beverage I have ever imbibed– pop that tastes like bubblegum, in a PINK can!  My neighbor down the street and I would walk to the corner store on summer days to buy this.  As far as I knew it was the only place to purchase it.  Alas, that corner store is now Uncommon Ground Wrigleyville and I’m pretty sure they don’t sell this.

3d3-D Doritos:  I am not a Dorito fan, but I would eat these like they were going out of style.  For a good six week period in high school a scenario ensued that involved smoking various items after school with my friend Nick, buying said Doritos, and then going to drivers ed together.  3-D Doritos will forever remind me of being 15, Central Driving Academy, and my legendary teacher, TUCHO who I’m pretty sure has been deported or locked up for drug trafficking by now. 

pepsiCrystal Clear Pepsi: It was CRYSTAL CLEAR Pepsi.  Some people thought it was gross, I thought it was awesome. 

Are there any food items that you wish were still in production??


Pet Peeve of the Day: Chronic tardiness.  Especially when people are like “Oh la dee da, hahaha I am aways late, silly me!”  Figure it out people.  If Shanky can avenge her chronic tardiness, so can you!

Quote of the Day: “There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.” –Dan Greenberg

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