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(I guess Things I Miss in Chicago could be re-titled “I miss my Childhood!”  Oh well!)

1) The Bozo Show:  As kids, we all dreamed of playing Bozo buckets (the game where you throw a ping pong ball into a series of 6 buckets for those that don’t know) for the chance at the grand prize.  But if we weren’t that bozo-showlucky, we were at least lucky enough to attend a live taping.  I did just that as a Girl Scout with my troop and thought it was the coolest thing ever (actually I still do).  We were sitting in the first few rows so we were able to take part in the Grand March at the end of the show where audience members parade around after the characters.  That certainly made up for me not partaking in Bozo Buckets!  Parading around with Bozo?  Awesome.  Aside from Bozo, my favorite character was Wizzo, the wizard who would cast a spell/do magic by wiggling his fingers and saying “doooo deedoooo deedooo dee dooooo!”  Legendary.

2) Walking up to Wrigley on game day and getting a ticket:I promise, this used to be possible.  Summer days when my mom wanted us out of the house, my brother and I would be sent over to Wrigley.  Usually we would use my dad’s tickets but on many occasions we had friends with us so we needed more than two seats.  So we would walk up, buy a random ticket, and regardless of where the ticket was, our friend was always able to sit with us by our usual seats.  No crazy ushers, no organized chaos.  Just a simple summer day watching a baseball game that rarely mattered.

3) Rainbo Roller Rink: Ah, the melting pot of Chicago’s youth.  If you grew up in Chicago, you undoubtedly went to a birthday party here.  I know rainbothat I went to at least a million.  Hell, I had one of my birthday’s here and I didn’t even like roller-skating!  This place reeked of sweaty feet and you were always unsure about how clean it was.  Carpet was ripped and torn, ignored and not fixed.  If you weren’t careful, you would trip over it trying to skate across to the arcade.  But the actual rink itself was quite large, complete with flashing lights and the latest B-96 jams.  I would love to go back there now and do a few laps around the rink.  The building, located on Clark just north of Lawrence, was torn down a few years go to make way for… you guessed it, condos!  So now where do kids have birthday parties?  Probably corporate chains like Chuck-E-Cheese.  Booooooo.

Things That Scare Me: Midgets

Quote of the Day: “My witness is the empty sky.” –Jack Kerouac

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