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(Since my acceptance to Roosevelt’s MFA program for creative writing, I may occasionally be posting some stuff I’m working on.  Don’t worry though, there’ll still be shits and giggles posts!  Also, as with everything, copyright 2009, bitches.)

(Happy) New Year

Everyone is talking with fear about recessions and bailouts.  I quit my job.  Now I can take the bus whenever I want.  The only schedule I need to be on is that of the movie theaters.  No more rushing out the door at 8:03 a.m. to stand amongst the same faces every morning.  I no longer have to glare at the girl who pushed me up the el stairs a few months ago as if she was the only one needing to catch the approaching train, or continue to wait for her apology.  On the train I don’t have to ignore all the 20-somethings busily chatting about taking time off from their marketing jobs to relive the glory days at their respective Big 10 alma maters.  Finding a seat on a crowded train car will cease to be the determining factor in whether I have a good day. 

There is a new cast of characters who lazily ride public transportation with me mid-afternoon – the elderly, disabled, homeless, obnoxious teenagers – people I used to dare to ride at rush hour lest they be on the receiving end of my rage for making me late to work.  But I guess I was just angry that I had to care.  We may not be going anywhere of great importance, but that’s the point.  Now, jeans day can be any day I want, and errands and lunches don’t have to be formatted into one hour episodes.            

Everyone is talking with fear about who will get laid off when.  I tell them I am jobless, as far off the IRS’ radar as one can hope.  And then I tell them what a proud American I am, hoping to soon understand why people from foreign lands move here solely based on their dreams and the promise of opportunity.     

Pet Peeve of the Day: Bon Jovi

Quote of the Day: “Hi, I’m Earth, have we met?” -Richard, Tommy Boy

This is my 50th Post– HOLLA!!!

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