Judge Judy

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Being that I am unemployed, I spend a good deal of time watching daytime tv.  For the most part, daytime tv is fairly dull and unwatchable.  But I found a silver lining, and that is my girl Judge Judy.  The following is a list of things I have learned from watching her Honor:

1) Never bail someone you don’t really know out of jail and expect to be paid back

2) Do not raise your hand if you want to speak in court

3) “That’s baloney” is a surprisingly effective statement

4) Know that you are going to court and for the love of God dress accordingly (No RocaWear, Fubu, cleavage, judge-judysweatpants/shirts, or baseball hats)

5) Do not co-sign on a loan for your boyfriend or girlfriend who is unable to get one on their own (read: love really is blind I guess)

6) “Umm” is not an answer

7) If you’re stupid, Judge Judy will make sure you and 10,000 viewers know it

8 ) Don’t have children if you can’t afford them

9) People really sue their parents and children over trivial things like ownership of a dirt bike or a $200 couch

10) Do not lend money to your boyfriend.  Just don’t.

You may be thinking about most of the above: “Duh, duh and duh.”  However you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know basic things.  I think that is the point of the show– to showcase foolishness– not to make sure that swarmy landlord gives his tenants back their security deposit.  If you must work during the day, TiVo an episode of Judge Judy and when you’re feeling down about yourself, watch the episode. 

Things I Live For: Paisley anything and everything, chocolate milk, when I’m on a CTA train that runs express and I don’t have to get off because otherwise I would miss my stop

Quote of the Day: “Inside the museum infinity goes up on trial — voices echo this is what salvation must be like after awhile.” –Bob Dylan

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