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mannyDedicated to Manny “I take fertility drugs cuz I’m a bitch” Ramirez (I couldn’t find a version with just 99 Problems so let me clarify that Big Pimpin’ is not dedicated to him):


Pet Peeve of the Day: When I’m walking down the street and cabs beep at me from behind letting me know they’re there… If I wanted a cab I would turn around and hail one, I know how to do that, THANKS.

Quote of the Day: “I hope in the future, Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people because I bet a lot of high schools would pick ‘Americans’ as their mascot.” –Jack Handy

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  1. dylan on 2009.05.09

    see, 99 problems is funny because, as it turns out, Manny may be in fact having “girl” problems, hence the female hormones. but here, “girl” problems is more along the lines of trying to get pregnant and not “my girl is crazy” girl problems…..

  2. Es on 2009.05.09

    How high are you? Haha. I was really just going for 99 is his number and he’s got lots o’ probs… But a bitch ain’t one!

  3. EvanT on 2009.05.09

    Until the MLB (or NFA, or MLS, or NBA) start making examples and handing down lifetime bans (and I mean lifetime – completely forbiden from entering a stadium ever again, ever endorsing a product, ever playing the sport, ever coaching, ever managing) the doping will continue. The professional governing bodies need to step up to the plate (pun so terribly intended) and utterly squash some people. Not that it really matters. Over 80% of professional athletes are bankrupt within 5 years after their last year of professional play.

  4. Rush on 2009.05.12

    Dylan actually posts here? B-T-W (my new favorite saying of yours) why are so many people pregnant on himym? Also, why is this season seemingly ending way worse than all the other seaons? BOO

  5. Es on 2009.05.13

    HAhaha I LOVE B-T-W!! Biggie rages and makes fun of me all the time for doing it though 🙁

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