Awesome Websites

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A list of some of my favorite websites:

http://www.PerezHilton.com: I’m a chick, I gotta get my celeb pics and gossip daily.

http://www.mcphee.com:  Lots of awesome random shit that you never knew you needed.  Kinda like the Uncle Fun of the internet, although obviously not as awesome.

http://www.deadmentellnotales.com:  The most complete collection of pirate gear I have found on the net thus far.

http://www.cbs.com/primetime/how_i_met_your_mother/community/barney_blog/index.php: Barney Stinson’s blog.  If you don’t like How I Met Your Mother, don’t bother reading the blog, or this one for that matter, cuz you’re lame.

http://www.phishthoughts.com: Get psyched for the summer tour!!

http://www.stuffonmycat.com:  If you’ve had a bad day, go here.  At least one pic should put a smile on your face!  (And if you’re one of those dog people, I think there’s a Stuff on My Dog now too.  Probably not as cute though…)

http://www.cookinglight.com: Delicious, healthy recipes that are generally not too difficult for the casual cook, like myself.

http://www.etsy.com:  Original (and affordable) jewerly and art for the one of a kind gal (or guy)

http://thesurlyone.wordpress.com/:  I have inspired someone else to blog!

Things I Live For: Zambrano pinch hitting, grape Gatorade, giving people nicknames and never calling them by their real name

Quote of the Day: “Back to the earth I screamed and no one listened to me — Back to the earth I lived and they all followed.”  –Rusted Root

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