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In honor of the Bulls (and the wide range of emotions they made me display last night), here is the legendary video they play before games that I pretty much live for.  Even though that’s 3OT’s of my life I will never get back, I can’t wait for Saturday.  Nothing would please me more than to beat Boston.  GO BULLS!!!


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One of my favorite songs and videos of all time (thanks for reminding me Biggie!):

Pet Peeve of the Day: All Boston sports teams, even the little league and high school teams.  .

Quote of the Day: “When you go into a restaurant on the weekends and it’s busy they start a waiting list.  They start calling out names, they say ‘Dufranes, party of two.  Dufranes, party of two.’  And if no one answers they’ll say their name again.  ‘Dufranes, party of two.  Dufranes, party of two.’  But then if no one answers they’ll just go right on to the next name.  ‘Bush, party of three.’  Yeah, what happened to the Dufranes?  No one seems to give a shit.  Who can eat at a time like this?  People are missing!  You fuckers are selfish.  The Dufranes are in someone’s trunk right now with duct tape over their mouths.  And they’re hungry.  That’s a double whammy.  Bush, search party of three, you can eat when you find the Dufranes.”    –Mitch Hedberg

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