Kentucky Derby

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Saturday is the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby.  The Kentucky Derby is the first race for those with dreams of the Triple Crown (winning the derbyDerby, and subsequent races the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes).  I love the derby for its traditions and longevity into a modern day and age that thrives on racing automobiles.  Horse-racing isn’t a sport that pops into ones head as an immediate favorite but most people enjoy this past-time and find at least some time to catch the Kentucky Derby.

Even though the hype of the Derby lasts for days, the actual race is only about 2 minutes, making it the “most exciting 2 minutes in sports.”  I always thought this was kind of stupid– all this hype and then it’s over like that.  But then I watched an actual Derby and those 2 minutes are pretty awesome. 

I checked online to see the horses who are running this year– I like to choose my favorite name to pick the winner.  This years name’s aren’t that great: “Chocolate Candy,” “I Want Revenge,” “Hold Me Back,” “Mr. Hot Stuff.”  These are not the names of winning horses.  Although they say “I Want Revenge” is the favorite.  Isn’t that a little too obvious and cliche?  So after much deliberation, I have decided that “Desert Party” or “Papa Clem” will win the Kentucky Derby.  I don’t analyze the jockey’s because they scare me and I would sooner pretend that they don’t exist. 

derby-hats2As a viewer not at Churchill Downs for the Derby, how do you celebrate?  Well, I love the Derby because big, glamorous derby hats are a long standing tradition, and you know I enjoy a good hat.  Also, the drink of the day is a mint julep– quite delicious and kind of like a mojito.  It mintjulepis a mixture of fresh mint, sugar syrup, and bourbon.  I will give you a tip:  If you are at a bar that does not have fresh mint, don’t ask them to substitute Rumpleminz for the fresh mint.  It does not have the same effect and you will want to vom immediately.  Lesson learned.

The Kentucky Derby will start at 5:04 PM and will be over by 5:07.  I suggest you find the 2 minutes in your day to catch this exciting race.  And, when the weather gets warm, spending a day at Arlington Racetrack betting on the horses is another awesome way to spend a day. 

Things I Live For: Walking up to the platform and seeing a train coming, Alice Munro short stories

Quote of the Day: “Chanting is no more holy than listening to the murmur of a stream, counting prayer beads no more sacred than simply breathing, religious robes no more spiritual than work clothes.” –Lao-Tsu

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