Felony Franks

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Slow weekend for news apparently… A new hotdog stand called “Felony Franks” is set to open in Chicago sometime next month.  However, the name of the place is causing outrage from the 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti.  He says the name promotes crime and is insensitive to criminals.  That would make some sense except, the owner behind “Felony Franks,” Jim felony-franksAndrews, says that he intends to only hire ex-felons.  He strives to “turn a positive into a negative.”  I see no problem with the name, nor the workers he intends to hire.  It’s hard enough to get a job these days if you have a college degree, I can’t imagine how much harder it is now for convicted felons looking to straighten out their lives.  The name is not offensive to me and I enojy the logo.  It is also Home of the Misdemeanor Weiner (a “lesser” dog than the “Felony Frank”)… that shit is jokes! 

In a day and age where there is a national chain restaurant called “Pink Taco” (highly offensive to a lady such as myself), I think Chicago can handle Felony Franks.  This Alderman must be running for re-election or something, doesn’t he have bigger fish to fry?  I mean hey, this sounds like a perfect job opportunity for G-Rod. 


Pet Peeve of the Day: “Bags,” “Cornhole,” or whatever other stupid name you want to call that even stupid-er game

Quote of the Day: “A dog is like a liberal, he wants to please everybody.  A cat doesn’t really need to know that everybody loves him.”  –William Kunstler

Question of the Day: Would you rather have bird flu or swine flu?

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