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grodShock me shock me shock me…  The Honorable Judge Zagel denied  dishonorable ex-Govenor Rod Blagojevich the opportunity to go to Costa Rica to film a reality show.  G-Rod is so far gone I truly believe he is the only one that did not see this coming.  The Honorable Zagel, in probably the most DUH statement of the year so far, said: “I don’t think this defendant, in all honesty… fully understands the position he finds himself in.”

I will say I was a bit intriguied by the show and, had G-Rod been allowed to participate, I probably would have watched.  Hell, we’ve been watching this train wreck all along in Chicago, why not watch the part just before he patfitzfinally falls off the cliff?  Plus, my girl Janice Dickinson is scheduled to participate and if anyone could have put G-Rod in his place, she could have.  But now that task will now be up to Patrick Fitzgerald…  call me G.W. but is it too early to put up a “Mission Accomplished” sign??

Blago says that he desperately needed to be on this reality show in order to make money and “support his family.”  G-Rod, ever the “I’m one of you” Govenors said, upon being impeached, something along the lines of “I’m just like everyone else in this economy laid off from their jobs.”  If that were true, shouldn’t Blago be trying to get whatever job he can (read: McDonalds) instead of queuing up a reality show?  The saddest part of it all is that this guy is truly so delusional, he does consider himself as unfortunate as someone laid off their job of 30 years.  He will never see the connection in his actions to the current position he finds himself in…  Well, all I can say at this point is, at least the trial won’t be boring…

Pet Peeve of the Day: Wicker Park

Quote of the Day: “The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down – You can’t let go and you can’t hold on – You can’t go back and you can’t stand still – If the thunder don’t get you then the lightning will” –Grateful Dead

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