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For at least the past 7 years, I have enjoyed pirates and piracy in general.  When I say this, I mean it in its most primitive form—i.e. rum drinking, peg-legs, swashbucklers, plank-walking, pillaging and plundering.  I think my interest came from a combination of an awesome trucker hat I owned that skullwas camouflage with a skull & crossbones on it and a newfound obsession with Jimmy Buffett. 


Recently, I was having a discussion about the Somali Pirates that have been so active lately, and it was brought to my attention that these are not true pirates.  Meaning, the actual definition of a pirate is: “One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.”  So, because these pirates have an allegiance to Somalia, they are not real pirates, like myself. 


A few years ago I was at a small town movie theater with my mom in Michigan.  The theater was located by a harbor leading out to Lakmape Michigan.  As we were entering, there was a sign with a Jolly Roger flag saying: Pirates and Piracy not allowed!  I was convinced that I couldn’t go see the movie because I was (am) a pirate, and was outraged at the nerve of their discrimination.  My mom assured me they meant people who record/bootleg the movies…  Oh!  Phew!  I figured since we were by the water where one could easily dock a pirate ship, they had to mean REAL pirates!   


shipIn the last couple years, pirates have become very popular, thanks to me most likely, and movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean.  I was listening to WGN radio a few weeks back and heard about an interesting class being offered at the University of Chicago on Pirates.  It is an anthropology class that studies “traditional Caribbean pirates as well as contemporary software piracy and ‘pirates’ such as Bernard Madoff, who recently pleaded guilty to defrauding thousands of investors.”  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/content/education/chi-talk-piratesmar18,0,3053082.story It’s times like this when I wish was back in college; what an awesome-sounding class!


So if you are interested in pirates and piracy you have a couple options:

1) Roll with me as I teach you a life of lawlessness, rum drinking, and parrot training;

2) Check out the Pirate exhibit at the Field Museum (through Oct. 25, http://www.fieldmuseum.org/pirates/index.html);

3)  Watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (I think there are 3?);

4) Enroll in the University of Chicago’s Freshman incoming class of Fall 2009 (good luck with that);

5) Don a skull and cross bones anything so long as you didn’t purchase it from Hot Topic, Claire’s, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc etc etc…



Pet Peeve of the Day: People who drink 40’s of Miller Lite.  Especially at bars, in brown paper bags.  You’re not hard, you’re just from Schaumburg. 


Quote of the Day: “Mother, Mother Ocean — after all these years I’ve found — my occupational hazard being, my occupation’s just not around” –Jimmy Buffett


P.S. Happy 4/20!




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  1. Leggies on 2009.04.28

    I LOVE IT! So I’ll admit, I haven’t been on your blog in about a week…but that’s typical and then I usually spend a whole morning catching up on the life of Esley I’ve missed out on. Anyway, today I was clicking away at the ads so my girl can make some $ and after a few, I see a trend! PIRATE themed! YES! Pirate Jolly Roger Flags, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirate Princess: Novel, etc. Awesome!

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