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An homage to my favorite word (sorry mom):

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The other day on Biography Channel I saw a show on H.H. Holmes.  I did not know anything about him — he was supposedly America’s first serial killer and was alive and kicking during the 1893 World’s Fair.  Most of his murders were committed in a special hotel he had made specifically for the occasion of the World’s Fair, which was later dubbed “Murder Castle.”  I am wondering now how I have never read Devil in the White Cityconsidering my love of all things Chicago and crime related.  The book details how Daniel Burnham, the architect who was in charge of planning for the World’s Fair, inadvertently created a perfect setting for Holmes to lure his victims.  I have heard of this book but did not know what it was about until now.  Has anyone read it?  Thoughts??

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By popular demand (I couldn’t find The Soup version but this clip can stand on it own anyway):

Things I Live For: Chugging Fresca/Nestea/Gatorade, The sticker man at Phish shows, Being lured into Spanish nightclubs

Quote of the Day: “I keep my friends eternally – We leave our tracks in the sound – Some of them are with me now – Some of them can’t be found” –Neil Young

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