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Last fall, I decided it was time to bring back Goldschlagger.  You may be thinking: “Goldschlagger?  That stuff I drank in high school when I was sick of Pucschlagker’s Sour Apple?”  And the answer is Yes, that Goldschlagger!  It was during the first Cubs playoff game when I decided a regular Jagerbomb was simply not going to do the trick.  I don’t go near tequila or Jameson, the bar I was at didn’t have Blackhaus, and vodka/SocoLimes/fuzzy navels/chocolates cakes etc etc are never an option.  So I pulled “Let’s do Goldschlagger” out from the depths of who knows where, and since then it’s been a way of life. 

Bama, Biggie and I went on a Goldschlagger binge that weekend — every bar we went to was shocked when we asked for it, but they eventually were able to find a dusty bottle in the back somewhere.  When we went to game 2 of the playoffs, I had a sign that said “Goldschlagger is Back!! P.S. Go Cubs!”  We were so excited about Schlagg that the guys in front of us asked: “So, do you guys like work for Goldschlagger?!”

“We got Schlagged” – “You look Schlagged” – “I got really Schlagged last night…”  it was quickly becoming a very versatile shot.  In November I took the World Tour to Iowa when I visited my cousin Nibbles at college.  He said, upon tasting it for the first time: “It tastes like Christmas!”   I even named my fantasy football team “The Schlaggers”– we schlagged our way to second place! 

The flecks oPhoto Courtesy of God-Sisterf gold, taste of cinammon, and kitschy-ness of ordering Goldschlagger all make it a shot that is fun, delicious and exciting!  So the next time you’re out, do yourself a favor and order a round of Goldschlagger.  Everyone will immediately know how awesome you are. 

(Photo courtesy of God-Sister)

















Pet Peeve of the Day: Having to press 1 for English

Quote of the Day: “My fault, my failure, is not in the passions that I have, but in my lack of control of them.” — Jack Kerouac

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