Chicken Tetrazzini

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It seriously blows my mind how few people I know actually religiously watch the Soup (Friday’s on E! at 9:00PM).  Shit is fucking jokes!

I always thought it was Turkey Tetrazzini, but it turns out you can make it with chicken too: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/chicken-tetrazzini-recipe/index.html

And, according to Wikipedia, Tetrazzini can be made with anything… tuna (gross), chicken, turkey etc.  Mushrooms appear to be a highlight of the dish so I don’t think I’d be tempted to leave someone for this…  An awesome grilled cheese?  Well that’s another story…

Things I Live For (Look ma!  A new category of awesomeness!): Flyovers at sporting events, People who wink at me, Bringing (and reading) the sports section to Wrigley

Quote of the Day: “And after all the dead ends and the lessons learned – After all the stars have turned to stone – There’ll be peace across the great unbroken void – All benign, in your time – You’ll be fine, in your time” –Bob Seger

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  1. dylan on 2009.04.15

    nice work, now we need to find the clip of that kid runing away from home a couiple of weeks ago…

  2. Es on 2009.04.15

    Ooooh, done and done! Good call….

  3. LOBEY on 2009.04.15

    CHI’EN TETRAZINI. it’s a powerful dish. joel mchale is my lover.

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