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Last week I happened to be reading an article on skin cancer in Glamour magazine of all places.  I had a small mole on my leg that I had been suspicious of for a little over a year and after reading the article, I decided it was time to go get it checked out.  So I went to see my dermatologist (Dr. Brieva at Northwestern– he’s THE BOMB!).  Turns out I needed to have a biopsy done on the mole and after several anxious days of waiting, I learned it was an abnormal mole that would eventually turn into melanoma, aka cancer.  Now I need to have it totally removed and I should be fine, but it was a scary little episode.  If you know me, you know I enjoy a good tan and sitting on the beach more than anything in this world!  So hopefully I will still be able to do that, except now I’ll have to be more careful.  And to avoid being pasty, I will need to invest in some serious spray tanning sessions– I’ve never done this, can anyone give me any tips?? 

So the point is, had I ignored this mole, I would have woken up with cancer in a few months, a year, years, who knows?  It is something that is totally treatable if you catch it early enough, so I insist that you get a mole check if you are the least bit worried about anything.  I am someone who doesn’t have the fairest of skin– I tan very easily and rarely burn, yet melanoma is now something I have to be aware of.  Ok, now my little health rant is over, but please be aware of this– not to be dramatic but, it can save your life!!!  AND scene.

Pet Peeve of the Day: Bucket boys and the suburbanites that “jam out” to them

Quote of the Day: “Sometime we live no particular way but our own – Sometimes we visit your country and live in your home – Sometimes we ride on your horses – Sometimes we walk alone – Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own” –Grateful Dead

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