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Osco Drug:  CVS totally sucks and seems to think that Americans are capable of forming their own lines/aisles at checkout.  WRONG.

Yum Yuyumyumm Donuts:  Dad used to walk over almost every Saturday morning and get us donuts.  Vanilla iced long john for me.  I would be less bitter if something had actually replaced this.  They tell me the Cubs use it as offices…. really?  “Hello, I work for the Cubs and I work in that little hut next to the ballpark….”  Riiiiiiiight.  Maybe it’s where they house Woo-Woo in the off season.

La Canasta:  The one on Clark with the sketchy bathrooms in the basement.  Actually, does Irish Oak still have those bathrooms down there?  They must.  Field trip!

Rose Records: It was here where my brother and I purchased our first CD ever: Wreckx-n-Effect “Hard or Smooth.”  I’m sure this is exactly what my dad had in mind when he took us to the record store that Sunday morning…

Marigold Bowl:  What do highschool kids use as a Plan B if there is no house party on a weekend night????  Where are they supposed to get drunk now??

Pet Peeve of the Day: People who don’t know how to parallel park

Quote of the Day: “Say Preacher maybe you didn’t see me throw an extra 20 in the plate– one for everything I did last night and one to get me through today” –Kenny Chesney

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