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I was listening to the Drive (97.1) yesterday and I guess they had been doing a March Madness of albums for the past couple weeks.  Since “Timeless Rock” is their theme, they were voting on which was the best, which I presume to mean the best album of all time.  So, the winner was The Beatles “Abbey Road.”  Barf.  If you know me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with the Beatles.  While “Hide Your Love Away” is on my list of Top Ten All Time Favorite Songs, there is just something about the Beatles that I have never been able to get on board with.  I can’t pinpoint it, abbey-roahence the loving/hating.  I will tell you that Abbey Road is certainly not the premiere Beatles album, in my opinion.  “Here Comes the Sun” is the only song I like on that album and I HATE “Come Together.”  So I went to the Drive’s website to research their “bracket” and quickly determined what a complete farce this experiment was from the very first round.  (http://www.wdrv.com/home.php)

The last round came down to the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s and Abbey Road.  That right there should show you what a charade this whole thing was: Sgt. Pepper’s is FAR superior to Abbey Road.  A Day in the Life, Lucy in the Sky, With a Little Help from My friends, Benefit of Mr. Kite…. need I go on??  All gems.  (Side note: Mom, can you please find that pic when the fam dressed up as the Sgt. Pepper Beatles for that costume party?  Talk about legendary… I was the coolest 10 year old at that party!)

In the second round, Fleetwood Mac beat out Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited” (“It takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” is also on my top highway6110 songs list) and the Who beat out Seger’s “Night Moves.”  Double barf.  The other 2 albums in the final four were Led Zeppelin II and the Who’s “Who’s Next.”  Dry heave.  (I do like Led Zeppelin II but it’s another love/hate thing so don’t ask).  The Doors “L.A. Woman” beat out the Stones “Some Girls” in the first round… ahhhh!!  (“Far Away Eyes” is another song on my top ten greatest songs of all time list!)  I can get on board with some Lizard King poetry (that was for you Biggie) but COME ON!  Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” (VOM!) beat out “Blonde on Blonde” in the first round!!   Insanity.

So you’re probably wondering two things:  1) why does she even listen to the Drive if she hates half the bands and 2) what would her favorite album be?

The answers are 1) I like the Drive but they get too obsessed with Hendrix, the Who and other vommy bands that I don’t really like.  Sometimes though, you can catch a good song amongst all the CCR and Chicago that they play. 

wideopen2) Favorite album without hesitating for a second: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Into the Great Wide Open.”  Talk about timeless… 

So what do YOU think about Abbey Road being named the winner?  What would YOUR top timeless rock album be?

Pet Peeve of the Day: When a favorite pen runs out of ink

Quote of the Day:  “In the dark of the sun will you save me a place? Give me hope, give me comfort, get me to a better place?”  –Tom Petty

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