Beer Bong

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I took an impromptu road trip to Ann Arbor earlier this week.  Bama had a business school interview and I decided to tag along with him.  My favorite part about road trips is you never know what you’re gonna find or what is going troadtrip-001o happen.  Case in point: the plastic, portable beer bong I found at a “Flyin’ J’s” gas station in Indiana.  We picked up 2 of them and agonized over having to wait the rest of the day to try them out.  

I was excited because I had never done a traditional Frank the Tank beer bong, let alone one that would easily fit over a bottle of beer and was the “easiest and fun way to down a beer in seconds” according to the pacakge.  The package also stated “drink responsibly.”  Ummm… pretty sure that ship sailed when you decided to sell a PORTABLE BEER BONG.

So we waroadtrip-011xed poetic for the rest of the 4 hour drive about a variety of portable beer bong possibilities, even suggesting what would be a legendary scene involving Bama walking into his interview with a 12 pack, a beer bong, and the greatest business venture to hit the University of Michigan… ever

After the interview, some shotgunning and 64 ounces of Long Islands apiece we were ready to test them out.roadtrip-0121  There was no High Life available at the bar we were at so we went with Bud Lite.  Ice cold Bud Lite.  It did not go well.  The beer was waaaaaay too cold to go down smoothly (hence why I like warming up my beer before I shotgun it…).  Bama was able to finish his (duh) but I only got about halfway through mine.  On the positive side, we were definitely popular sights at the college bar and for a moment I didn’t feel so old. 

So, I will keep the beer bong (obviously) but next time I use it I will make sure to have a slightly warmer beer… and this time it will be High Life.  This is too awesome a product (in theory) to accept defeat on the first down. 

Pet Peeve of the Day: Chugging ice cold beer

Quote of the Day: “Look, here are we, on this starry night staring into space and I must say – I feel as small as dust lying down here – What point could there be troubling?  Head down wondering what will become of me?” — Dave Matthews

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