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Perhaps it is because I was just in sunny Arizona that I don’t mind the snow we had yesterday.  Or, maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Chicago for 26 years and have come to welcome any sort of weather at any given time.  They say if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait a minute.  Or something like that.  So I wonder why people are so outraged that we had a snowfall when it’s almost April.  If you just moved here, fine, you are excused.  But if you have lived here for at least a year you should know how it goes.  If you don’t like seasons, move somewhere that doesn’t have them. 


I love Chicago and its weather.  I like the possibility of a 70 degree day in December or a snow-filled spring day.  The sheer anomaly of such days is what makes this an exciting place to live.  Just when you think the weather has turned, Mother Nature lets you know she’s still in charge.  It’s like, just when you think we have finally been absolved of public corruption, my boy Patrick Fitzgerald indicts someone else.


So my point is, Chicago keeps us on our toes.  I personally enjoy the unknowing.  I love the snowy days as much as I enjoy the sunny ones.  And while I would love to be basking in the sun right now, I know those days will be here someday and I will have to patiently wait, thus making them all the more sunnier.  I never swap out my winter clothes for my summer clothes before May.  If you have hopes of doing so, perhaps Chicago and its senseless seasons are not for you. 


Pet Peeve of the Day: People who feed pigeons


Quote of the Day: “Give me a paper and pen so I can write about my life of sin –  a couple of bottles of gin, in case I don’t get in –  tell all my people I’m a rider” –Tupac


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  1. Leggies on 2009.04.06

    I know how you are with your seasons, especially your strange love of snow. I’m with you on the seasons but I’ll admit, I wasn’t ecstatic about the snow/slush fall we had yesterday:)

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