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Yay, I’m back!  And tan!  If you missed me even half as much as Klinker missed me then we’re in good shape 🙂 

Luckily it’s Random Shit Friday’s so I don’t have to get totally back in the swing of things right away, since I got in kinda late last night.

Now, would you classify this jam as country?

 *     *     *

 Way to go South Siders: chi-south_side_irishmar27,0,6303330.story.  Thanks for bringing a smile to my face as I read the day’s headlines upon arriving at O’Hare.

*     *     *

And don’t forget– TONIGHT = Elbo Room for Dan Tedesco and the Long Haul!  10ish.  Be there!  I can regale you with stories of some of the awesomest cab drivers west of the Mississippi!


Pet Peeve of the Day: Grown men getting sports players autographs… only to be made worse by the fact that there is no kid that could maybe pass as theirs, in sight.

Quote of the Day: “We’ll drink and dance with one hand free –  have the world so easily – oh we’ll be a sight to see” –Steve Winwood

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