March Sadness

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Soooooo… I’m the only one in my pool to have picked Oklahoma to go all the way in one of my brackets.  That will either mean I’m totally screwed, or, I’m totally rich.  Hopefully it will be the latter.

But, I’m really not much of a college sports fan (cuz UIC Flames get no respect!), much less a basketball fan.  Last year was the first year I entered a pool and I came in third.  Unfortunately it was winner take all, as it is this year, with the exception of the absolute loser getting their entry money back.  I’d gladly take that. 

I really just do the pool/bracket thing to get my mind off the waiting game of baseball.  After football ends in the beginning of February, there’s really nothing to pay attention to.  I tried to get into NASCAR a few years ago but then I realized they really do just drive in circles all day.  I’ll put on Talladega Nights the next time I need a NASCAR fix. 

Then there’s hockey.  I’m not Canadian so enough said there.

And the NBA?  Please.  I lived through The Dynasty so now it’s just like what’s the point.

So I have 2 months of complete sporting boredom, which is the worst kind of boredom.  Betting on something is the best way to start caring about it so at least the NCAA has that going for it.  But, I really have a low tolerance for people from Big 10 schools invading school-themed city bars as if they were located on their quad.  Watching 30 year old men dressed in their school colors relive their glory days by watching some no name 18 year old shoot a 3 is pretty sad and depressing. 

Oh well.  Only 15 days until MLB opening day.  Go Oklahoma!

Pet Peeve of the Day:  It’s Saturday — no room for pet peeves!  (That’s my old 9 to 5 self talking…)

Quote of the Day:“I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagles wings, and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I’m in the front row and I’m hammered drunk!” -Cal Naughton Jr.

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