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Talk about legendary...

The Cubs recently announced they are going to retire jersey number 31, in honor of Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins.  I wasn’t around in the Fergie days, but I was around for Maddux phase one and phase two.  He’s my favorite baseball player of all time because all he did everyday was go out and play a game he loved, the way it was supposed to be played.  He never took his job for granted and was forever grateful for the opportunity to be a man playing a boy’s game, making a king’s ransom. 


I feel like those in my parent’s generation and beyond have many of these types of role models in their sporting history, but unfortunately my generation is running short on such role models.  I honestly can’t name a guy on the Cubs right now who exemplifies the class and talent that Maddux possessed. 


The money hungry, ghetto-ized NBA certainly lacks these types of individuals, and being a Bears fan, I surely don’t see any role models around Soldier Field.  Well, maybe Staley the mascot, I like him. 


Fans of baseball today should be honored to have seen Maddux pitch, even if it was well past his prime.  Maybe in these last few years he didn’t put up the numbers people would have liked, but having him around has had nothing but a positive impact on the game of baseball.  Teammates forever praise his work ethic and willingness to share his knowledge of the game. 


One of my favorite off the mound moments in Maddux history that I think sums up his classy, confident character the best:  As a member of the Cubs (round 2), he was asked by a reporter what he thought about a certain White Sox pitcher, ace Mark Buehrle, accusing Maddux of spitting on his fingers to finesse his pitches.  Maddux looked at the reporter in his typical calm, cool way and said “Who’s Mark Buehrle?”   


This season, Maddux will be missed every fifth day, but I’m sure he will be back in some capacity some day soon.  Maybe when Lou retires, he’ll be the Cubs manager… a girl can dream right??


The ceremony will be at Wrigley Field on Sunday May 3rd, Marlins v. Cubs.  See you there!


Pet Peeve of the Day: Chicago White Sox

Quote of the Day:  “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion” –Jack Kerouac

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